viernes, 19 de octubre de 2007

The new Zaragoza Airport Terminal

Aena is improving the infrastructure to adapt and modernise the airport for the 2008 Zaragoza International Exhibition (Expo2008Zaragoza).

The works began on May 2006 and will end on January 2008. It´s expected that the actual flow of passengers will be increased not only for Expo2008, cargo and PLAZA and the strategical situation of Zaragoza makes this dream more real.

New passenger terminal:

To Expo will be more than three times the space for travelers. It will rise from the current 4,300 square feet to a glass building 16,250 meters spread over two floors and a basement of 7,000 meters dedicated to changing rooms and warehouses. The new terminal will have the capacity of 1,000,000 passengers a year.

The works of the terminal will cost 22.7 million euros. With six gates and 12 posts billing, the building may receive up to one million passengers a year. To achieve this figure, nearly three times more than the 381,849 in 2005, the airport will seek the support of low cost airlines, said its director, Felipe Rivas.

Look at the actual image:

1,356 parking spaces

Urbanization will be rebuild to allow better circulation and parking for about 1,300 vehicles: cars for 1030, 100 for employees, 8 for buses, 130 for rental vehicles, 28 parking spaces and 60 quick stop in row taxis. The works will boot after the summer and will cost 4.8 million euros.

Other improvements

Largest platform .- The planes will gain 50,000 square meters for parking, will have 150,000 in total. There will be site for six ships and more cost 6 million.

New control tower .- Aena will invest $ 3.5 million in a new control tower, which will be ready by 2009.

Access road .- The improvements (new firm, wider shoulders ...) will be ready by 2008.

Cargo - Plaza - New AVE Train Station

Actually the most important traffic is thanks to cargo flows and TNT is the unique company at Zaragoza Airport that afford Express services.

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