domingo, 21 de octubre de 2007

Is really cheap RyanAir?

The first thing that you think when you enter the ryanair´s website is that you are going to get the best price to fly to Zaragoza from London. But the last time I´ve checked for flights from London to Zaragoza my face went white mode hahaha.

Here is an example:
From Mon 22 Oct 2007 - London Stansted (STN) - Flight 2634
119.99 GBP Wow

From Zaragoza to London Wed 24 Oct - Flight 2635
Another 119.99 GBP


Baggage total 4.00 GBP
Amount of insurance 7.00 GBP
Priority boarding total 4.00 GBP
Total 15.00

Oh my! It´s really expensive.

Are the taxes the problem? I don´t know but, look at this...

If you pay by credit card, add this:
Credit Cards 2-3 €
Debit cards 0.70-1

Be alert for the special offers, be lucky. And forget to go when you want, fly when they want.

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